Saturday, May 29, 2004

The growing city of Tourism, Business and Trading situate at east-northern part of Sarawak map, stick to country Brunei. Taking aeroplane from KLIA spend around 2 and a half hours. A lot of public and private activity like celebration of festival... being held here. Also the business center in this area (Import and Export - timber, oilpalm...).

Formerly Miri city is known as Oil Town for its nickname, now it is getting much more about tourism destination; Mulu National Tourism Park, Niah Cave... Within its division, Marudi Town is the central of Baram division, taking air transport by using 'Twin Otter' aeroplane takes about 15 minutes to reach from Miri to Marudi. Within Baram there is a lot of long houses situated at area like Long Lama, Long Seridan, Long laput... Bario the highland of Baram district the rice, flowers, vegetables... production center. Also Marudi is the linkage to Mulu National Park for adventure travel mode by river.